Thursday, July 7, 2011

and the award goes to.....

This is my new version of a blog award. I want to pass it out to a few blogs that bring sunshine into my life. If you receive this award please pass it along to others. If you want to give it to one or seven I don't care. Just pass it to a blog that inspires you and like I said brings sunshine to your life:) Also be sure to tell the person you award it to that they can then give it to whoever their little heart desires! If you would like to post it on your side bar that would be fantastic, if not no worries just know you ROCK and please share the LOVE!  I hope it will be fun!:) 
I would like to give out the award to:
and my most favorite my mother and sister


  1. Wow Ash!
    What a compliment!
    Thanks so much. I am honored.

  2. Thanks you much!! I can't wait to SHARE IT!! You are SOOO CUTE!!! So times I think you are the only one that checks out my blog.. but your comments, sunshine and love make my day!! Thanks for being to AWESOME!!!

  3. Oh Ash!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! We appreciate it!! Giving the award right back to your awesome self!! You seriously are the sweetest and I know it comes from the heart. Hugs to you!!


  4. OMGoodness, I leave for one day and look what you did! I cannot believe you gave me this award! You are so sweet and know how much I appreciate you! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
    P.S. EWWWWWW, with the SuperDuperPOOPER! We use huggies movers or something like that. They are expensive but they work. AND for night time wee-wee you might try putting on a diaper that is 1 size bigger than the day time diaper, sounds wierd but totally works!!

  5. Oh my goodness Ashley! I'm so flattered! Thank you so much for such an awesome compliment! I was so pleasantly surprised when I got home from my trip and saw this! What a honor!



thanks for putting a smile on my face today with your comment:)