Ember Nicole

Hospital Stay:

I had a scheduled induction date for Thursday the 23rd of August...Only one day before our due date. We went in at 1:00am and got hooked up to all the machines. The nurse told me to try and get some sleep.... that was easy enough considering I was not in a lot of pain at the time. Jayson and I got good rest tell about 5am when our nurse came in to check me. At that point I was at 3cm. She said my doctor makes his rounds at 6:00am and should be in to break my water. Sure enough 6 came and he went ahead and broke it. By that point mom had come to help out. The contractions were getting harder and harder and I knew it was getting close to time for my epidural. I finally thought I was in enough pain by 8:30 to go ahead with it. I kept waiting and waiting for the pain to subside and get some relief. Nothing was changing. My anesthesiologist kept coming in to put more medication in but still not much relief. We were given the option to take it out and try the epidural again. But at that point I felt as if I needed to push, after telling my nurse that she went ahead and checked me again. I was dreading hearing "o your at 5cm" but she said I WAS READY TO PUSH. I was immediately terrified because of the amount of pain I was in. I didn't know if I would be able to push her out.
As soon as I sat up the contractions felt smoother and less painful but I could still feel everything. As awful as it was not having a good epidural, I only pushed for 5 min before she came out. Feeling what was happening and her actually coming out was an amazing experience. I don't think I would change it.

Ember Nicole Whetman 
Born: 11:51am August 23, 2012
8lbs 20in

I love our hospital. 
They do everything right in the room for you to see. 
She got her bath, foot prints, check up..right in the delivery room so I didn't have the anxiety of not seeing her for hours.

She was/is perfect. 
and I was in love at first sight.

Jayson couldn't keep his eyes off her. 
I knew he was in love as well.

When Ty came in to be with us all...
 my life was perfect/complete.

Ty loves her so much and is doing amazing with the change. 
He is always wanting to sit next to her and help 
in any way he can. So far life is great and I am
nervous/excited to be a mommy of two now. 

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  1. "Feeling what was happening and her actually coming out was an amazing experience. I don't think I would change it." Love this - I had my 3rd baby at home and completely drug free, and yes it hurt, but to actually FEEL what was going on was amazing. Beautiful story, and your photos are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing x


thanks for putting a smile on my face today with your comment:)