Thursday, June 6, 2013


MAKING: A trip to the park today with the kids, Nana W and Jess. We pushed the kids in the swings the majority of the time. We also played in the water, enjoyed the good weather and went down the slide.  After the park we came home and ate some yummy yummy ice cream. 

CAN'T BELIEVE: M is crawling....everywhere and climbing on everything. So so so so cute. I love love love it!

CRAVING: Some homemade salsa.... Lauren I know you made some!! I think I will come steal some:)

WATCHING: Pride and Prejudice for the first time today.

PACKING: Everything.... the move is so soon.
LOVING: Spending so much time with Jessica Annie the past three weeks.


  1. We made tomato soup, but salsa is next! Did you watch the new P&P or old????? We must visit. Sorry I missed your call yesterday I was at the temple. Call me today. Also you look like you are getting too skinny. Eat a cookie!

  2. PS Jess's picture makes me think of this:

  3. aw I love all the pictures at the park! Reminds me that we are a few days overdue for a park trip ourselves :)

  4. You only just watched Pride & Prejudice??? Oh my goodness, that's one of my favourite all time books and I love the film. (I have a cat named Mr Darcy. And the top table at our wedding was named Pride and Prejudice. OBSESSED!)
    So cute that Ember is crawling now. I have a little one who is very nearly crawling too, she's got crawling backwards down but hasn't perfect forwards yet. x

  5. Your cute little family!!! I love those little cowgirl boots! Now following you love. Thanks for the side bar spot ;)



  6. Beautiful pictures of fun times! I am a new Follower of your Blog. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. I love his cowboy boots and your braid! So jealous I can't manage to braid my own hair!

  8. Those John Deere boots are adorable!

    And how did you like Pride and Prejudice? It's one of my all-time favorite books but I've never seen the movie because I'm scared it won't be as good!

    Either way, Mr. Darcy is still dreamy.

  9. What fun! That swing pic of your daughter is darling. Days like that are the best, no joke.


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