Thursday, March 7, 2013

simple moments

Have you ever had a simple moment...
one simple moment that you are completely overwhelmed with joy. 
So much that you lose your breath. 

I stood in front of the sink washing our dinner dishes
...thinking how blessed I am
...I heard the sound of my babies giggling as Jayson tickled their tummies.

They are so sweet and innocent..
so perfect.

Jayson was having as much fun as they were. 
I turned to see the light in his eyes when he saw them smile.
I could see the love he had for his babies and the love they had for their daddy.

I stood their with them unaware I was watching.
Just breathless at the sight of their beauty.
In that moment I experienced true happiness. 

In that one simple moment I made a memory I will cherish forever.

The simple fact that Ty has now made Spiderman apart of our family melts my heart.
He does most everything with us. 
He even gets stinky sometimes and needs a diaper change. 

The fact that Ember now uses rolling as her form of transportation.
Yupp she is everywhere.
and if she wants something, no problem she will just roll her way to it. 

and the fact that I will never get over how much 
I love Embers leg rolls...

Simple things in life
that simply take my breath away.


  1. Such a sweet post Ash. I think motherhood is just a series of those "Wow" moments isn't it?
    Ty looks so cute with his Spider-Man and I love Embers chunky legs, although I think they look pretty skinny compared to my little chubber. X

  2. Oh my goodness! Ty + Spiderman = Love!

  3. love those moments. I swear since having my son I have become such a sap, their is times where I just look at my boy and just tear up because I can't even comprehend how something that perfect came from me!

  4. how cute is Ty with his spiderman, that is adorable

  5. Oh so sweet! Sometimes you just have to step back to realize how great things are as you can easily get distracted in every day life.

  6. Precious! Newbie to your blog. :)

  7. It's always the simple things that make us the happiest!

  8. OMG...I almost fell to pieces when I saw Ty and the spiderman! Precious!!
    Found you via I Love My Online Friends!!

  9. stumbled on your blog via the blog hop at:

    Superman def needs his diaper changed! LoL


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