Friday, March 1, 2013

I am

Wife to one. Mama to two.
I stay at home and take care of the littles.
Love my husband fiercely.
and drink way too much diet coke. 

I am weird because
 I can lick my nose with my tongue
I brush my teeth in the shower
and have a bad habit of picking my lips

I am awesome because
I am tone deaf (not awesome)
I like bubblegum flavored ice cream
I could eat cheerios for every meal

I AM the mama who snuggles whenever my babies want them.
I AM NOT the mama who knows how to punish.
I AM the wife who is totally cheesy.
I AM NOT the wife who remembers everything.
I AM the mama who wants to play and be silly.
I AM the mama who lets her kids get dirty.
I AM NOT the mama who will let them out of my sight.
I AM the mama with a camera permanently attached to my hand.
I AM the wife who will support her husband no matter what.
I AM the girl not always taken seriously.
I AM NOT the friend to always remember your birthday.
I AM the friend to pick you up if down.
I AM NOT the girl with good advice.
I AM NOT the girl good with words.
I AM the girl who believes in hugs.
I AM the friend who is always thinking of you.
I AM one who believes their is good all around.
I AM one who believes people can always change.
I AM one who believes a "thank you" or a smile can change someones life.
I AM one who believes we are all Children of God.
I AM one who is tender, emotional and worrisome.


  1. I am the mama with the camera attached to her hand too. And a totally cheesy wife!!! Hehehe, that's clearly why we get along so well. X

  2. i'm so not the wife that remember everything. my brain is mush! i am not the momma that knows how to punish either. i loved this post!

  3. You should totally post a video of your cheerio/smartie tongue trick!

  4. I brush my teeth in the shower too! My husband thinks i'm so weird...

  5. Glad to see another Utah blogger :) I enjoyed reading about you. Your family is adorable! I never really thought of brushing my teeth in the shower, haha. I love cheerios, I am actually munching on some right now reading blogs :)

  6. Well, I also brush my teeth in the shower and pick at my lips (I agree...bad habit) so we should be friends! :)

  7. Hi Ashley! I'm so glad I found your blog on the GFC Collective! I'm pretty sure we could be bffs haha! Looking forward to reading more and getting to know you!

    xo Raechel


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