Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Brunette fever/bloglovin/mommy blog.I NEED HELP

I have been having some major brunette fever lately. It seems like I always want what I don't have. (typical right). HELP!!! For me its got to be it all/All dark or all light. . I have never really pulled off the weaved/highlight look...

I dont really have a favorite..Should I do it/Dye it dark? 

So I think I am the only one who has not posted about GFC going BUH I sad?? Maybe a little. Howeva I seriously love bloglovin now and am curious why I didn't use it before. So many features I love love the app is GREAT on my phone....If you want to continue following me and you like bloglovin here is my link

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What other ways do you like to follow? I have seen a few things about feedly?? is that right? I have no idea and is google+ a good idea? Should I jump on the bandwagon?!! haha I am SO  LOST and feel like there is way to many ways to follow. I don't even have a FB page for my blog and never get on my twitter...Yupp im the worst blogger ever/but I want to have a life so I guess my question is what is worth having and whats not. I want a life and I want it mostly off line being able to play with my kids and flirt with my what should a girl do....?!

Also I just started doing the Top Mommy blog...I'm pretty lost and new to it...Help me out...Do you use it, do you find blogs you really like there...what do you think..??!
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  1. I like the dark hair on you! It looks good. I'm sad GFC is going away. I don't think anyone follows my blog anywhere else.


  2. You are one of very few people who can go dark or light {both suit you very well} :-) I have had Bloglovin since I started my blog, was never "hot" but it might change now. Feedly is new to me, but I enjoy it so far {already following you there}, so I'll keep Bloglovin as well as Feedly. And I can not believe you are not on Google+ yet?? That is my number 2 highest traffic referrer {Pinterest is no 1} Good luck with your decisions, Ashley!

  3. You look good both brunette and blonde but brunette makes your eyes pop! Wish I could help ya with blogging tips and stuff but I'm still a newb! But I'm lovin some bloglovin so as well.

  4. Ooooh! I love the dark hair! (But I love the blonde, too, so I guess I'm no help there.) I'm like you and I don't have a blog FB page. I do have twitter, but only use it about once a day. I went to Bloglovin and didn't feel the need to use anything else. It's so simple; there's no point in having accounts all over the place that we'll never use!

  5. Honestly you are one of those who can pull off both colors, so I say either- even though that doesn't help at all haha. And I started using bloglovin and really like it!

  6. While it's no secret you are gorgeous either way…I'm kinda partial to you being brunette! It makes your eyes looks crazy beautiful! And thank for your sweet comment this morning. You always have a faithful follower in me too!

  7. Confess to being rather slow on the uptake - but when and why is GFC going bye bye? I use it all the time, and have most of my followers there. Am on Google+ (not that I really know how to use it - but am getting there, plus Network Blogs and Linky. I'm one of those dangerous types - have a little knowledge, but little skills and get myself into no end of trouble while I'm finding my feet!

    Must keep in touch better is the memo to self. All the best.


  8. I'm annoyed by the change and switched to blog loving...I'm half impressed by it, but oh well. I like you hair blonde...maybe go a dark blonde? You also look good with dark hair, but I imagine it's tough to dye back to blonde when you get in that mood again. My motto is light in the spring/summer and dark in the fall/winter

  9. I am loving the brunette hair on you! So cute!

  10. I've been having similar thoughts lately - I change between blonde & brunette every couple of years and am feeling the need for a change again! I do like the brunette on you though! I've also switched to bloglovin - it's taken me about a week but I actually prefer it!

  11. Do it! Dye it dark. You can totally pull off both looks.

  12. your eyes POP with darker hair. maybe go a medium brown? best of both worlds!!!!

  13. I'm a brunette girl, so I am a little biased!

    I have been using BlogLovin' for a few months and love it! Happy to have more followers on there now that people know it's there!

    Stay offline as much as possible. Enjoy the family. Don't get sucked in anymore that necessary!

  14. I love your hair dark! I think that's just because I want to go that dark, so I am loving that look right now! I say do it! =)

    Sending you sunshine,

  15. I like them both but with spring and summer coming up I'd keep the blonde and go dark when it gets colder.


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