Saturday, March 16, 2013

Big boys get sick too

I picked up Tys hat to put in his Easter basket, but just couldn't wait.
He looks so cute in it and wont take it off now:)

He was definitely ready for Spring to be here.
We are outside all day again riding his bike and going for walks.

"Ty get your shoes, jacket and hat on before we go outside"

Yes, that is when it happened...
 When I realized my little baby boy is 
my big boy. 

As soon as I said those words I stopped and thought
O my heck, he can do those things...

He basically dresses himself. 
Most of the time its ridiculous...

but I usually let him wear what he wants.
Unless its to church.

Yesterday was great. 
I took both kids to the library, park, grocery store, get the mail ect..
basically we were everywhere..and they were total sweethearts. 
Ty loves to go out shopping and running around with me now. 
and miss Ember sleeps right through it. 
We were out all day. 
Came home settled down for bed and watched a show. 
Ty fell asleep so I went and put him in his bed.
At about midnight he wakes up crying.
I ran in thinking he had another leg ache.
But he was coughing and burning hot.
He was struggling to breath and sweating. 
My heart broke...

I went and got him some medicine came back gave it to him 
and tried to rock him back to sleep. 
He eventually just slept in bed with me and Jayson. 
I wanted to keep an eye on his fever and make sure it didn't
jump up in the middle of the night. 

Called the doctor this morning 
and it turns out he has croup..

Guess that spring weather is going to have to wait a few days 
for Ty to get all better.

We will be all snuggles, smoothies and Disney movies 
the next few days. 


  1. I'm a little jealous that your kiddos do so well while you're out and about. I only have one and sometimes its torture! Hope Ty feels better soon!

  2. Poor baby. I hope he starts feeling better quickly! Also, that hat is adorable.

  3. Ugh both my girls are sick too. They had fevers, stuffy noses, and now coughing. Today we finally got outside. Such a bummer to have sick kids! And on top of that my husband is sick too. Blah. And the hat is super cute oN Ty!

  4. Aw hope he feels better! And love the hat, so cute!

  5. Oh bless him. I hate it so much when they are poorly, there is nothing worse than that helpless feeling. But disney movies sounds like a good cure, and lots of cuddles! X


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