Wednesday, March 6, 2013

bath babies

The kids have been so fun to put in the bath together.
Ember is finally big enough I don't worry as much.

They love the time together 
almost as much as I love watching them.

Ty helps wash her hair 
and play pick-a-boo

Ember smiles and goos at him.

Its almost as if they have their own language.
The way they communicate makes my heart melt. 

Nothing sweeter than clean warm snuggles. 


  1. These pictures are adorable

  2. Bath time with my two is my favorite time of day with them. They interact more than at any other time and I love it. We just got the little miss a new seat so she can sit upright which she is a big fan of. And it has the added bonus that they can really play now. X

  3. SO adorable!! I love the sibling interaction! It's definitely making me want baby #2!

  4. Oh my goodness those pictures are so sweet! Love it!


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