Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pioneer Woman Me

A while ago I mentioned Jayson got into the pharmacy program in Colorado...Yup looks like were moving to Denver. I am so beyond excited for this new adventure for our family. We will be living there for at least four years, most likely five or six. 

With that being said, its still OK for me to be really sad too right?
My family and I are very close.
My mother, two sisters and sister in law...I don't even know how to describe them other than saying they are angels. Besides Jayson they are my best friends.

We tend to get together a lot for craft days...sewing days.
When I start to think about missing out on these memories I get rather sad. 
Picturing them gathered around laughing and giggling with out me...I feel so left out. 
Don't get me wrong, I am so happy to be moving and want them to continue to do these things even with out me...Just the thought makes me sad from time to time...

Now with that being said my wonderful sister Lauren thought of an idea.
We are all in love with the Pioneer Woman... 
So once a week we will all be taking the same recipe...making it...taking lots of pictures...then of course blogging about it. 

Yay, I wont be left out. A simple fun way to stay connected. 
My family rocks right. 

We decided this week to start off we would make meatballs.
I hate touching raw meat. Seriously I gagged during this whole process. 
(but I knew the end result would be worth it)
This step was a little fun. The meatballs looked like snowballs. Ty wanted to eat them like this. I had to convince them they were ewwie and we needed to wait for them to cook.
This step...I was glad I had a apron on and stood back.
Drizzled the sauce on and ready to put in the oven.
Both kids stayed busy while I cooked, Ty played in the sink with soap and water..and Ember slept.
Pioneer woman suggests to put it with noodles, so I did just that...added some toast and corn and we were set!

Even my picky eater loved it. Just not me snapping pictures in his face.
I was all excited and telling Jays about how we will be doing this once a week....
he smiled...and said "how about every day?!"
I think he loved it! 


  1. Yay! I'm excited for this. I think it will be great. Glad Jays thinks its a good idea too ;)

  2. Oh! And I forgot your gag reflux takes over at raw meat. I'm sorry I chose this one!! Glad you trooped through it. You must really love me! Lol!!

  3. first of all: exciting and scary for your move! i can't wait to read about it. Second of all: I think i need this cookbook...

  4. I've made those comfort meatballs by the PW now three times, and they're a hit in our house! Great to make in advance, refrigerate, and then bake once your company comes. I serve mine with extra wide dutch noodles and they're super yummy! Makes my mouth water to see yours.

  5. PW recipes while not necessarily original are delish! I'm from Oklahoma and have been making some of the recipes she makes for 30 years. This is a great idea and just let me say that if you have to move away from family, at least you get to go to Colorado. We would have moved there years ago, if it hadn't meant giving up the easy 3 hour drive home to see our families. Consider it a new adventure.

  6. Congrats on the move and the schooling, I'm sure it will be all worth it after it's over. The meatballs do look yummy!! and the bear family dinner is funny!!


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