Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hardy Party

Every year Christmas really starts for me with the Hardy Party!! 
It's held every year the Saturday before Christmas. 

We celebrate around my great Grandparents. 
These are their kids. 
The studly guy with his arms folded is my grandpa!  

With his brother and sisters and all their kids, grandkids and great grandkids 
we get together for the
Hardy Party. 

This is my grandpas side of the family. 
We are awesome....pretty sure only a few looking at the camera..
and only half of us are in the picture...

So Ember was not to thrilled to sit on Santas lap, and this 
documents how much Ty has his finger up his nose.
But I think they are pretty frickin cute!! 

Here Ill leave you with a few more pictures!!


  1. oh my gosh SOOO fun! that is SUCH a great tradition!

    love love love it! plus your kiddies are beyond adorable:)

  2. what a great tradition! I wish I had that many family members to get together with!

  3. What a lovely tradition. And there are so many of you!!!
    And I love all the matching t-shirts. X


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