Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas day

 Jayson is such a sweet daddy. I catch little moments like these and want to cry. My love for him grows as his love for our children grows.
 Ty had the best Christmas. He was so excited with all the family, food and presents.
 I loved watching him tear into the gifts. So excited.
 Have I ever mentioned Tys true love for chocolate.
 His easel was a huge success.
 Another tender moment that stole my heart. 

Christmas is over. Has been, but I held on to every last minute I could. Today we actually are taking the tree down. I will miss the soft glow it has at night. Snuggling with the kids while listening to Christmas carols. Getting after Ty for trying to open all the presents under the tree...laughing when he tipped it over (twice).

I love Christmas for so many reasons. I will miss it.

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  1. I will miss Christmas a bit too. And as much as I'm liking the extra living space, having taken the tree down yesterday, I do miss the twinkly lights.
    But it'll be next Christmas before we know if.... and we'll have baby girls who are really into the fun of it next year. X


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