Monday, October 15, 2012

mmm..LINK UP and a winner

Last week I shared with you how I was losing motivation and needed some words of encouragement.
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Thank you so much for all your comments and e-mails. They truly helped so much. 

o and the WINNER of the free digital card is Alyssa
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I saw this quote on pinterest. You can check out my health pin board. As soon as I saw it I thought it was written just for me.

So often I say "I wish"
How many of us are guilty of this? 
I hope I'm not the only one.

does this sound familiar?

"I wish I could lose the extra 5 lbs"
"I wish I could do it while still eating ice cream"
"I wish I had her metabolism"
"I wish I was as skinny as I was in high school"
"I wish I could still bench 125" 
"I wish I could walk up the stairs with out getting winded"

these are some of my I wishes.

I'm going to start some I wills 

 I will love myself.
I will love others.
I will be happy.

These I wills I believe can change a persons life.
I believe that being happy is the first step to being healthy. 
These things may not directly make us fit...
but by being happy we can have more desire to be healthy. 

When I'm happy I have more desire to wake up in the morning and go jogging.
I come home in a happy mood so I eat a healthy breakfast.
That makes me feel healthy and happy...
So I play more with my kids.
That makes me remember how blessed I am.
and it makes me happy.

and happy people don't shoot their husbands, they just don't
(I couldn't help myself)


I have lots of I wills.

I will  jog in the mornings
I will eat healthy
I will drink more water
 I will exercise at home

All great goals. 
but right now, I'm going to focus my first I will on 
being happy.

No matter how thin or fit you get
 if your not happy with yourself now and love yourself now.
You wont be any happier then.

be happy
and love yourself now.

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  1. Thanks for the chance to link-up health-related posts :)

    1. And thanks for linking-up on my blog! I like your "happy" illustration, and what a cycle it really is. If you want to start drinking more water, I highly recommend a water bottle or something that measures the ounces (if you don't do that already). At least that's something I like- so I can actually see how many ounces I drank. :)

  2. Thanks for the positive post. I loved it. Totally what we need to hear on the regular!

  3. AHHHHHH!! i'm SO excited i won! which is something that never happens. and i loved this post. i say, "i wish" too often. i need to say more, "i wills"

  4. Thanks So much for hosting.. ;))


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