Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Loving and Pinteresting

What I'm pinning this week

 -what am I loving this week-
  • LOVING that my baby brother in law is coming home from his LDS mission TODAY!!! Can't wait to see him.. Before he left I was nine months pregnant with Ty and had Ember while he was gone....That means he is going to be meeting TWO new faces from just our family!! Not to mention that my sister in law Savannah is about to have her baby boy ANY DAY NOW!! So there will be another new face. 
  • LOVING that Ty wont watch TV on the actual TV, but if I give him my ipod he will watch Disney shows...this may come in handy at the grocery store!!! Kinda excited!
  • LOVING that Jayson and I are using the BBQ as MUCH as possible while we can before it gets WAY TO COLD.
  • LOVING that we are going to bless Ember this Sunday!!! So excited.
  • LOVING that Jayson will interview for the University of Colorado on Friday.


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