Saturday, September 22, 2012

Somethig about Ty

Something about Ty has been melting my heart lately. (even more so than normal).

 I don't know if its the way he runs into my room every morning and wakes me up. I don't know if its the way he smiles. Or the way he gives me hugs and kisses.
I don't know...

But him and me...well I realized that we spend 24/7 together.
He is always at my side. 
following me around. 

Most toddlers like TV or movies.
My little man wont pay attention for more than five minutes.
Rather he likes to be at my side.
Helping me with whatever my task at the moment is. 
Cleaning. Sewing. Cooking. Lounging. 
even putting on my make-up 
Ty wants to help out and stick by my side. 

He always wants me to play with him.
If he is building blocks, I need to participate. 
If he is making car noises while driving his little toy cars 
around the house, he expects me to join in the fun.

Yeah, him and me.
were pals.

Ty, don't ever forget I love you. Don't ever forget 
I need you. Don't ever forget I will always be your pal 
whenever you need me. 
love mama


  1. so cute! and what beautiful eyes he has-like his mom!
    i laughed when you said he won't pay attention for more than five minutes..i think short attention spans one of the cutest things about little kids


  2. clever idea for a post - you are always inspiring me with the letters you write to your kiddos and publish to the blog. i loved seeing how curly his hair was - just like casen's! i don't know about you, but i wish case's hair was still curly. have a happy weekend!

  3. Love his hair!!
    Isn't it great to have someone love you and thing you are the best?!? One of my favorite things about motherhood!

  4. I knew he was getting big... but wow.. looking at all of these photos in one post is AWESOME!! He is BIG!!! I love his curly hair, I love his short hair!! I love his BIG BLUE EYES!! I love his SMILE and his little gappy teeth!! I love to come and sleep over... I love that he LOVE ME TOO!!! I just LOVE HIM!!! TY, I LOVE YOU to the MOON and back!! Ashley, You are a AWESOME MOMMY and I am one lucky Mom and Grandma!!!

  5. this post was sooo precious! he is such a cutie...melt your heart every day cutie!!! :) happy sunday!

  6. What a cute post!!!!

    julie @ Naptime Review

  7. I love the special relationship that mothers and sons have. I wish my son liked me more than Curious George though! ha

  8. He's such a cutie! I can't wait until my baby is snuggly (if ever). Enjoy that little helper. Isn't it such a blessing to be able to spend the entire day with your littles? Draining, exhausting, and 100% amazing.


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