Thursday, August 9, 2012

It's ok, we went to the library

It's OK that Ty put his own shoes on
Went and got mine to put on
Pulled my hand and cried
Went and stood in front of the door
Wanting SO BADLY to go outside....

BUT it was raining SO HARD.

I didn't know what to do...I felt so bad.
He really needed to get out of the house.

So we went to the Library. 
Ty LOVES the library. 
He is so curious about EVERYTHING!

He goes to get a book and looks at me
as if saying "are you sure I can pick these up?"

So many toys and books...Toddler heaven.

It's also OK...

--because my baby sister is going to be here today to see me! 

--I have my 38 week doctors appointment today.

--HAVING to tell myself it will be OK if I am still not dilated.

--because I have two emergency diet cokes in the fridge if I need them.



  1. Looks like ty had a good time at the library.
    Hope your appt goes well and that maybe you'll be dilated!! Not much longer!

  2. thank you for stopping by & leaving me some blog love! I appreicate it. It's tough to realize how strong you are at moments.. but then you look back & you wonder who was THAT girl. I dunno. It's a new phase, I guess. Cute site, adorable boys & I love you have library time!! Kudos! Amy

  3. Oh the library! I loved going there last month with my baby when we were visiting the US. As a kid, my mom and I walked to the library every week and spent loads of time reading together. Great memories. Praying for your pregnancy and hoping you won't need those emergency Diet Cokes :) Thanks for linking up with the Mommy Brain Mixer today!

  4. Fun!!!
    P.S. I designed the Mommy Brain Mixer button :) We need to get on your blog!

  5. That's so sweet that he brought you your shoes! He really wanted to go! Good on ya for taking him :) He is one adorable little guy.

  6. haha love the emergency diet coke!

    Have a great weekend! Drop by and say hello!


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