Tuesday, May 15, 2012

D.I. find!


Ty and I were cruisin D.I the other day and we came 
across this beauty!!
Ty would not get off it the whole time we were in the 
store...I was pushing the cart around, and he was just 
peddling right behind me..

I thought for SIX bucks...Why not...he is so happy!! 
Its stickers are a little worn and it needed some 
serious hosing off...
but I think once I polish her up it will be a sweet ride.

 His legs are not long enough to ride it like a bike yet..
So he just pushes off the ground. but he can still 
get some speed!

Every once in awhile he gets stuck in the rocks..
but for the most part he is learning to steer really well.

I admit I LOVE D.I.
You can really find some good buys if you keep your eyes out!! 



  1. Wow great find! He looks like he loves it :)

  2. Looks like you are going to be spending more time outside.. good thing you moved to somewhere that has sidewalks. I love your new apartment!! It was a good move!! Lots of room and fun friendly neighbors.... BUT I MISS YOU TONS!!! Love you to the moon!!

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  4. Toys are probably the best thing to buy second hand for sure! they're so many of them! I went to kid to kid and got lots of baby stuff and loved it!

  5. What a steal! :) Especially because he is enjoying it so much!


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