Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pinteresting Wednesday


Did I mention Jayson and I are expecting a 
sweet baby girl??

  Ember Nicole Whetman

We are very excited! I can't believe it still.. 
I have actually been a little pin-crazy lately so I thought
 I would share some of the board dedicated to her.

One thing I am seriously looking forward to with having a girl!

She of course will have a sweet pink room

ah I love this diaper cover...want want want! 

So beautiful...I want one for me too..

She will still sport the sporty side!!

I made Ty one just like this (but brown obviously) 
I will make him a new, bigger one and put them in matching football onesies! 

Yes, Jayson is a packers freak err fan..
and yes, if they go to the super bowl..she will have something similar to this.

LOVE...simple and pretty and I think I may actually be able to pull it off!

maybe, so cute...but Jays thinks its a little weird..
ha we will see..i like it!

What do you think??
If you have a pin board with lots of cute
 little girly things let me know so I can follow you!!



  1. Congrats!! I love the name!! And that pacifier is awesome!! Haha! =)

  2. oh, congratulations!!! you'll have a girl :)
    so sweet!

  3. Girls are so much fun, especially when they are young and girly. They do something goes through phases when they are over the girly stuff. I was so bummed when my now 15 year old turned 10 and decided she didn't like pink and purple anymore. At least my now 10 year old still does. :)

  4. Congrats! Hope your pregnancy goes smoothly! Your pins are adorable!

  5. Congratulations! How exciting!

  6. yay! congrats. what is the due date? I have a little girl and just found out we are having a boy! I am very excited to see how different things are this time around!

  7. Congratulations Ashley! A sweet little girl and darling little boy... its the best trust me!

  8. Congratulations! You'll have to rename your blog soon.

  9. Congratulations!! My husband and I found out this morning we are having a little girl too!! I'm running out to the babies r us tonight to buy clothes because I am SO excited!!

  10. I love that name so pretty! So excited for yall! As for the pins I am loving them :)

  11. Your daughter is going to be the cutest thing around. Sure love ya!

  12. Congratulations Ashley!!! Girls are so much fun!!!

  13. How exciting! Guess it won't be just you and your boys much longer.

  14. Congratulations Ashley!!! How exciting!!!!


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