Wednesday, November 2, 2011

O how pinteresting...and what im loving!!

 -today i am linking up with 2 awesome parties...O how pinteresting and What I'm loving

all photos via pinterest

I had a lot of fun this pinteresting Wednesday!
I had forgotten how much I love the color pink.
BUT im all will always be in my heart!


NOW what am I LOVING???????
well lets see......
Ty is 11months old I loving that?? Yes and No. 
He is so dang cute, but like any mom I am having a hard time...
a hard time boxing up his little onesies, dealing with teething, baby proofing the house, 
not being able to hold him with one arm...
however I am loving watching him learn, taking steps around our home, laughing..
I even love when he gets into everything... :)

 I love Tys Christmas present. This is it in the works, I still have A LOT to do. 
but so far I am loving it!!

I am loving that I also have my mothers Christmas present done...
no pictures tell after the holidays...

and I' loving Tys new obsession with the dishwasher!

this kind of love

What are you guys pinning and loving???


  1. love love love all the pink! and i liked how you laid out all the pictures. by far my favorite post today!

    Trish @ Tales from ... 

  2. Aw! Ty is so cute! Love all the pink stuff. Happy Wednesday!

  3. LOVE all the pink! Is my favourite colour. I want it all!!

    Found you via Only A Flight Away :)

    M x

  4. I think I like your pins the best out of anyone today! Ahhh I LOVE pink! I would love a pair of Hunter boots!

  5. That pink oven/range is awesome!

  6. Awe Ty is SOOOO CUTE! I know you must be PROUD!

  7. LOVE that pink stove and the pictures of your son are adorable!!!

  8. I am loving all the cute on your blog! Pink overload and adorable babies! I so want to do your Motivate Me Mondays....I'm just not 100% sure what to do. I have the button but....not sure where to go from there.

  9. LOVE that hot pink nail polish!

  10. I LOVE the pink pictures!!!!!!!! Pink is my favorite color. I am such a girl. But seriously, all that pink just made my day. Now I want pink hunter boots...

  11. I love the pinterest idea! I just love pinterest and can totally spend way too much time on it. haha! Yay for Ty being 11 months! My daughter just turned 8 months so we'll be there soon. They grow so fast!

  12. These are So awesome.. I love them.. Great findings.. I LOVE Pinterest.. I'm officially following ya with smiles.. I'm Marilyn via http://theartsygirlconnection & would LOVE for you to stop in sometime.. Great blog you have here.. Off to indulge and inspire myself.. :))

  13. I love all the pink! That's just so adorable! Can't get enough of all those pictures...

  14. I loveeeeee pink. So much pink envy going on right now!

  15. what great pink pins!!! it is so fun and i can't help but smile when i see all these lovely pink items!!

  16. I love the pink pictures. Ty baby is so cute. I love Snickers too! Thanks for sharing your pins!

  17. I LOVE the pink! I need a girl someday... :)

  18. Us Hardy Girls have always LOVED PINK... so why do we not have a PINK TRACTOR.. hehehe!! The boys would kill us!! Maybe we should just make some pink curtains and hang them in the tractor just to see what they would do.. lol!! Maybe for April Fools Day..


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