Thursday, November 17, 2011


- I just have to say....I am making almost all Christmas presents this year. I am having fun doing it tell I sat down and realized how much I have to get done in such a short time.

-I was making something for a family member (will not name) in case they happen to read this...but I messed up so bad. NOTHING would work. I wanted to throw my sewing machine out the window, obviously I didn't. However I was so mad I cut up all the material and cried for a half hour.

-has anything like that happened to you? WHY am I SO emotional??? 



  1. girl, I have so been there! I am making several gifts as well. I'm feeling the time crunch because our first "Christmas" is over Thanksgiving. Hang in there, walk away for a while, & start fresh. You're so not a lone!!

  2. That's the worst! Just take a break and come back to it another day! You'll get it all done. :)

  3. When this happens to me (which is a whole lot of the time) I seek out somebody that has better sewing skills than me and ask them to help. Maybe you have someone you know that could help? The cape I intended to make for my nephew's birthday in September is still glaring at me waiting for me to finish it after I gave up in a fit of rage. I'll go back to it someday....

  4. I can totally understand you! Today is not my day either, I was trying to make some party favors for teens and everything went wrong. I just made a post about it. Blogging always helps!!!

  5. Yes, I messed up a shirt beyond repair earlier this week. Totally deflated my "Yay, I'm going to make presents!" attitude.

  6. awww love!
    don't cry!!!!!!!!
    i know how frustrated one can get
    when things don't go your way
    i been there and i want to quit!

    =) but then again i put my head up
    and think to myself YOU CAN DO IT!
    there is worst things in life!

    i hope you get strength to start it
    all over again ! i am pretty sure you
    will do just fine love!

    [♥]██[ X ]██[ O ]██[ X ]██[ O ]██[♥]

  7. Ugh, totally understand. I'm beyond frustrated with a gift I'm making...for a 9 month old who won't even care! Nothing is working out and it's taking way too long. Anyway, hang in there and give it one more try. Sometimes that's all it takes! :)

  8. I'm so sorry! A few years ago I got this great idea to make a quilt for my hubs (he was the bf then). I cut all the squares the same size, pinned them all together into strips, then I sewed them together and then I started to sew the strips together. Somehow my quilt was 6 feet long on one side and 4.5 feet on the other. All the rows had the same number of squares, so I have NO idea what I did. My mom had to fix it and I havent attempted to sew again yet.

  9. I know how you feel! It is SO frustrating. I cry when I'm frustrated, too. : )

    I screwed up a really complicated knitting pattern earlier this week and nearly cried and threw the knitting across the room. The only reason I didn't is because my son was asleep in the other room!

  10. Oh girl, I've been there before. Deep breaths and remember getting upset and crying won't get anything done. Take a break, regroup and you will rock it. I know you'll get it all done and it will be fabulous :)

  11. AWWW, yes..Ive had that happen many times;(.
    Take a lil break, go out for some coffee with a friend, maybe there are others little stressful things getting in the way?
    Blessings my dear-

  12. Oh my heck I totally get what you are saying. I want everything perfect and when I can't make it perfect I just break down. It is so hard. But I love making gifts especially when I love them and are proud of them. You will do it. It will all turn out I know it

  13. Oh girl. It happens to the best of us. I broke down recently lol. I get emotional when I'm stressed or feel like I have too much to do with so little time...I just get overwhelmed. Hang in there girl! Love ya! I dint know why I didnt see this post the other day.


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