Sunday, July 3, 2011

silly pictures

Ty was in a very playful mood today! So I snapped a couple pictures:)

We went to the doctor a couple days ago just for his check up and
the doc says he looks great. He is in the 33 percentile in weight and 97 in height. Tall and skinny....
wish I had that problem/ hehe but he has more than doubled his birth weight which
is what they want by six months... however they took his blood and he is slightly anemic.
They put him on an iron drop and some vitamin drops. The doctor assured me it is 
nothing to be alarmed over and he should be better in a couple months. He did
have us schedule another visit for 30 days to check blood levels again. So I hope all is well when we go!

Ty's first shorts!!! hehe I think he looks SOOO darling in them. Yay im so excited for summer!!


  1. lookin' snazzy in the plaid shorts dude :)

  2. Love them! You should take a video next time he's playful :)

  3. He's pretty cute! My little daughter at about that age was something like 95th percentile for weight and 13th percentile for height! She was short and chunky. It's a good age for growth spurts, though!

    P.S. I love the drool in the shorts pictures. Perfect!

  4. So cute! I just love long shorts on little boys!

  5. Love the shirtless, drool belly! So cute :)


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